Wishing Jessica Latshaw Well!


Today was the last day of classes for the term.  Now, although on the Spring Festival holiday, these same students — and I am very proud of all of them — must now participate in one straight week of ten-hour days of TOEFL and SAT training.

And, now that we are all on break, I can now concentrate a bit more on my own writing, as well as some pleasure reading.  Of course, I will also spend time working on Chinese!

Well, for those of you in the States (and perhaps around the world?), one of my students today posted Ms. Latshaw’s “Ain’t My Friend” to the Chinese YouTube, Youku.  You can find the link above.

The lyrics to the song are below:

baby, you ain’t my friend, and I ain’t your last call; nor can I let my heart wonder how you feel about me at all.

Cause you got all your fans, people who are on call, but I ain’t one of them, nor can I let my self pretend…oh-oh-oh, baby, you ain’t my friend. oh-oh-oh…

See, I don’t really really wanna just be your friend, we’re either gonna play this game or let the game end; I mean, sure, I’ll be polite and wave as I walk by, but it hurts way too much to act like we still fly; after everything that happened, that happened between us–you’re so good at pretending, while I just make a fuss; now, I ain’t saying that it’s now or it’s never gonna be, I’m just saying that this friendship feels impossible to me; and maybe someday it’ll be just fine between us, but that day ain’t today, and maybe there’s some truth to the way they always say that, baby, you’re from mars, and maybe I’m from, I’m from, I’m from venus…


it’s not like you were wrong when you decided that I didn’t belong next to you, it’s just hard to stand here with you, when I’m not really with you, do you know what I mean? don’t think I’m trying to be mean–no! I think you’re just great, too great, in fact, that’s why I take a step back; it’s just a matter of survival as I walk through this new trial; don’t take it personally, cause I’m just trying to live free, to take a deep breath now and feel what I feel; as I keep walking, watch me walking, no, I won’t stop, though you ain’t here, stop with all the fear I tell myself, again and again, just as long as you say that you are my friend…so, hey hey hey, a baby (ay ay ay) you live your life now, and I’ll be busy living mine…so hey hey hey, a baby (ay ay ay), I already got quite enough friends now, thank you, yeah, I’ll be fine…



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