On Probability Fields, Bowling Pins, Midterms and More

I have decided that the image of  an electron stream is too orderly for Beijing traffic.  I believe “probability field” is more apt.  On a bicycle, when I enter this field, I have to wonder what will happen and what won’t happen at the same time, depending on which universe springs into action at that particular moment.  I think, “Have I been hit and not hit at the same time?”  I believe I have seen Schrodinger’s cat darting about on more than one occasion.

However, as there is a more practical Newtonian component to this, I come to bowling pins.  If you think of a car (or bus, or one of the truly lethal silent electric scooters) as being a bowling ball, and Beijing cyclists as being so many bowling pins, I have realized that being the 1-pin is not desirable. As I a enter one particular roundabout, I strategize as to how to be either the 7 or 10 pin.

Onto more important matters.  I am now aware of this book.  What do I do with this knowledge here in Beijing?  Questions of faith can be discussed quite openly.  Questions of faith as presented here?  Well. Prayers.



This coming week is midterm week for our students.  I know that some of them are truly anxious, as perhaps they should be.  Still, I do not want them to be too anxious.



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2 responses to “On Probability Fields, Bowling Pins, Midterms and More

  1. Zoe

    Yes, I’ve heard of this book. Would like to read it.

    • “Chasingsaints”? How long has this been around?

      By the way, have I sent you the link to Urban Cusp? Probably, but here it is again. I think you and its founder, Rahiel, should find each other, as you are in Baltimore and she is in D.C. She and I have written on occasion. She appears to be an amazing, and amazingly thoughtful and appreciative, individual.


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