Soon to update

For about a week  now I have been without my personal pc, as the screen has given up the ghost.  Today I wandered over to a nearby electronics store, what has to be the World’s Ultimate Electronic Store, or near to it, and purchased a desktop monitor, which is now attached to my laptop.  (I know I didn’t bargain as much as I could have, but I did get the price lowered a bit.  Such things take practice, like so many things.)  It’s a bit of a tape-and-bailing-wire fix, but it is working.  So, anyway, now I can get to the program necessary here in China to get to the blog, so I should be able to update it shortly.  For now, though, other things to do on this very warm late September afternoon.

Things to write about: the Lama Temple.  Table Tennis.  A difficult week.  A wonderful time at church.

For now, though, let me add now that tomorrow we all meet some of our student’s parents, beginning at 8:30 in the morning.  High drama.  It should be good.


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  1. Was wondering where you went…. looking forward to a new update!

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