Bicycling in Beijing Traffic . . .

. . . is good for one’s prayer life.

An historic day for me, today, at the market next door, I purchased a bicycle.  I was told not to buy anything expensive, and I succeeded.  The bicycle and lock cost about $70. 00 USD.  And, although today is a damp, drizzly early autumn day, I decided what better way to break the new thoroughbred in?  Cycling indeed is one of the preferred, and no doubt easiest, ways to get around this city.  Speed is not the issue, but rather being able to move substantially faster than walking.  I have noticed that Beijing traffic by and large moves slowly, but it is always moving.  Rarely does it appear to be stopped, like one might see in Northern Virginia or around the D.C. Beltway.

I already have a light mount on the bicycle.  Now I must mount a bell, as a bit of a “clang” is very helpful to warn in a kindly way the swarms of pedestrians that are found everywhere and at all hours.

Today is formally Teacher Day here in China.  I should add that last night Beijing No. 2 hosted a feast at a nearby hotel.  There were probably at least 50 main dishes available, buffet style.  Tonight there will be a smaller meal for those of us of the International Division.

Oh.  I am now also an officially registered “Foreign Expert.”  Things are good.




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  1. I’m glad things are going so well! Want to see pics of you riding that bike through Beijing traffic!

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