Into Storage

Hang it.  Stuff above me!Why is it that, come moving day, time continues to move along, but events happen slowly?  What I mean by this cryptic statement is that today felt rushed by certain things happening slowly, such as filling out the paperwork for the storage unit.  On a Saturday, which by all accounts is when people want to move into or out of storage facilities, there was only one gentleman working the desk, until he wasn’t, until he had to enter the maze of the facility in order to help out with matters interior.

However, it happened, and I can not thank Jennifer and Torrance for their help and moral support during this very hot day.  “Thank you!”

Now, there is some clean-up work to be done: bathroom, kitchen and some remaining papers, but it will fit.  It must.

Finally, I would not recommend breaking a rib before doing this sort of thing.  Granted, it makes you aware that you are alive, but not in the most pleasant sense.


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  1. Jane

    Godspeed! Do let me hear from you when you are in Beijing.

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