The packing begins and continues

One cannot move to China without doing a lot of sorting, selling and storing, as well as the packing.  Over the past two weeks or so, I brought enough book to Half Price Books to earn about $120.00.  This is a bit more than a dollar per pound, I would think.  I think I’m okay with luggage.  Today and tonight I sorted, organized and packed about 14 book boxes.  This is near to 560 pounds.  I may be storing by the pound, so knowing the weight of all I own is necessary.  I hope the bathroom scale is fairly accurate!  Certainly this is well more than half of weight of the moth-eaten belongings I own.  I would like to depart with even more.  Perhaps this will occur over the next few days.  I think I can.  I think I can.  Tomorrow, pictures, photo albums and assorted shelf/display items.

Oh.  I heard on the radio today that July in Austin area was the hottest on record: an average daytime high of 102 F.  Yesterday’s (1 August) high was 107!


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  1. Sounds like you’ve got Maryland temps down there! Happy packing, sorting and storing!

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